Tobias Hofmann

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Tobias Hofmann

Tobias Hofmann

Architect, developer

First contact with SAP was in 1998. Went from developer to architect and learned too much languages, concepts and methodology on my journey. While I always worked with SAP, I am constantly in contact with the non-SAP world and the innovations that happen outside the SAP universe.

Focused on the user and the pain points that might arise while working with SAP and got in contact with many products: Portal, Web Dynpro, Mobile and since a few years: Fiori.

I presented at several SAP related events and organized a wide range of events: Inside Talks, Meetups and the largest community SAP developer conference: ABAPConf. And now also: FioriConf.


SAP Development Tech Radar

Short version: this talk tries to answer the following questions: How come? For what reason? Why? How? Who? What? Where? When?

The concept of the tech radar will be explained. What are the quadrants and the meaning of the rings. What does it mean for a technology to be added to the tech radar and what does the ring it is placed into mean?

Using examples from the UI quadrant, I will show how to use the tech radar.

Language: German

Duration: 45 Minutes