Nicolas Boucaud

SAPUI5 Development Team Lead

Nicolas Boucaud

Nicolas Boucaud

SAPUI5 Development Team Lead at VINCI Energies SI

I graduated from an engineering school in information technology in 2014 and have been working in the SAP ecosystem since then, mainly as a Front end Developer (SAPUI5, Fiori Element...). First as Software Engineer Consultant for a SAP Partner Company, I joined VINCI Energies some years later, in 2019. From there, leading a team of front and full-stack developers, we strive to incorporate aspects of modern development, accessibility principles, and clean code into our work, driven by a strong appetite for innovation and SAP new technologies.


SAP Fiori for All: Enhancing Accessibility and Sustainability

This session aims to shed light on the pivotal roles of accessibility and ecodesign within the SAP Fiori framework, underscoring their significance in fostering inclusive and sustainable digital environments.

Through concrete examples, we will demonstrate how developers can implement accessibility features, such as ARIA labels, keyboard navigation, and semantic content structuring, within their Fiori applications. Additionally, we will conclude with an opening on Ecodesign with some options to follow and manage Fiori Applications compliance with it.

Language: English

Duration: 45 Minutes