Chris Bouveret

Chief Innovation Officer at Simplifier AG

Chris Bouveret

Chris Bouveret

Product Management

Chris Bouveret is Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder of Simplifier AG. As a specialist in interactive technologies and new media, he has several years of experience in the use of innovative technologies and the development and integration of digital solutions in the B2B sector. In his role as CIO at Simplifier, he is responsible for the development of innovative solutions for the Fiori low-code platform Simplifier.


Fiori on Mobiles - Beyond Native SDKs

This session explores the evolution of Fiori applications on mobile devices, transcending the limitations of traditional native SDKs through innovative approaches such as low-code development. While native SDKs have traditionally been the cornerstone of mobile app development, the emergence of low-code platforms has revolutionized the landscape, offering rapid development, customization, and integration capabilities. By leveraging native device features and adhering to Fiori design principles, custom Fiori apps developed with low-code platforms promise enhanced user experiences, improved agility, and cost-efficiency. This session delves into the benefits and challenges of extending Fiori applications to mobile devices beyond native SDKs, highlighting the potential for organizations to unlock new levels of productivity and innovation in their mobile strategies.

Language: English

Duration: 45 Minutes